Gender equality

Gender equality in science and academia

The goal of the RTG is to provide equal opportunities for female and male graduates.

Effective of April 1st, 2012, 47 % of the PhD students in the participating work groups are female. The RTG aims to maintain this portion of female PhD students. For this purpose, Dr. Andrea Strasser will be appointed as contact person, who will accompany the application and evaluation process in order to ensure equal opportunities for female and male students to obtain fellowships and positions at the RTG.

In addition to the goal to admit an equal portion of female and male PhD students to the RTG, we aim to further support female PhD students in order to improve their chances to acquire high profile positions in academia and industry after graduation from the programme. The RTG will offer a mentoring programme to female PhD students, which will be integrated into the well established mentoring programme ARIADNETechNat of the FAU and the mentoring programme for female junior scientists of the UR.

Similar to the mentoring programme at the UR, the ARIADNE programme has developed over the past years to a very successful tool to promote career opportunities of female researchers and was thus selected as best practice example by the DFG’s Research-Oriented Standards on Gender Equality. Additionally to a one-to-one mentor – mentee relation that connects the female PhD students with leading personalities from academia and industry, the RTG ARIADNE mentoring will offer an accompanying programme including training and seminars on career promoting topics as well as network meetings.

Furthermore, the RTG encourages female PhD students to participate in the career-enhancement programme Fit for Science of the FAU Graduate School. This integrated information and qualification programme is designed to prepare the participants for a career in science, to train them in career, leadership and negotiation skills and to give them access to networking and exchange opportunities. Any costs connected to these measures will be covered by the RTG.